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These are the kinds of things that I don't want to hear right now. Let me live in my denial bubble for just a little longer...
Do what you need to do to be healthy    
So last night I had a melt down because I accidentally ate blue cheese on a pizza without realizing it.   I even called the nurse line here because I was panicking after the internet had me spiraling out of control ("You WILL get Listeria and Listeria = DEATH TO BABIES!!!!!!!"), which was a waste of time because she couldn't reassure me. She did, however, transfer me to poison control (at which point I was calming down and starting to feel a little ridiculous) where...
As of my last appointment at 30 weeks I had gained a total of 20lbs, but it's been a really inconsistent ride to that number where I lost 5lbs, then gained 5, then gained 2, then gained 10, then lost 1.5, etc. I go in on Friday for my next appointment (at 32+1) and I expect to have gained more than just the textbook 2lbs, but it's impossible to say.   I've completely given up on trying to control or even understand weight gain during pregnancy. As far as I'm...
This past Saturday, DH and I went to our the final class in a series about parenting/infant care/childbirth in the area. I have to say that it was refreshingly helpful in contrast to the prior class and what I was expecting, and I even learned a couple things that I wouldn't mind sharing and getting some opinions on. Specifically, the public health nurse who was teaching the class said not to use scratch mittens because newborns have only a couple of ways to self-soothe...
My Ergo came in the mail today and I'm really excited about it!   The trouble is that DH doesn't care about things like this at all, so he gave it his typical grunt of approval before turning back to his computer and now I'm really excited to talk about it or show it off or something but there's nobody around who cares about such things. I feel the same way about our new, beautiful crib and our ridiculously awesome Bumbleride stroller. Harrumph.
Middle name appears to be chosen: Sivan. It was DH's mother's name before she had it changed when she moved to Holland and nobody could pronounce it.   Mila Sivan (Me-lah See-vaughn)  
  Just lie and say you don't know, that's what I've been doing.   We're pretty confident that our little one will be called Mila, but I don't want people referring to her with that name until she's born and it's official just in case we change our minds before then, find a name we like better, or meet her and decide that another name is more suited.   Still struggling with a middle name though
  31 Weeks!
  Thanks Kelly! You're wonderful for doing this  
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