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All tuition contracts are legal documents. I suggest that you contact an attorney to investigate your options. Also - and I realize this is too late for you now - but parents can buy tuition insurance policies to deal with this possible risk. 
I have had some kombucha but not as much as I usually drink. I have also been enjoying kefir. I have been drinking more kefir than usual.There are no warnings on GTs Kombucha which I thought was interesting because I think there might have been something before it was taken off the market and reformulated a few years back. 
Well, in the case of "pro" or "anti" public school, I would say that such frames of thinking are equally unproductive and I am glad to know that since I have never heard it I probably don't hang out with such people. Very, very little in life falls into neat "right" or "wrong" categories. We can see the negative effects of dichotomous thinking in our politics, in gender relations, in attitudes toward sexuality...the list goes on and on.    We need a lot more "reaching...
Pregnancy is a stressful time for men too. (Yeah, I really did just say that!)    Yet there are fewer outlets for men to talk about what they are experiencing. And, even sensitive new age guys find it hard to put their feelings (and fears) into words. So, naturesbabies, it probably isn't just you!!
I don't have any statistics to share but the odds of having a botched circumcision in the United States are very low. This is something you can discuss with the pediatrician. How many circs has the pediatrician done? What are the hospital procedures? Can your husband attend the circumcision (assuming that you would not want to be there)?   Your husband is probably feeling some strong affinities with your future son's member given the fact that he has one himself! Perhaps...
I am having a mild pain or burning sensation at the top of my expanding baby bump. Could this be heartburn or something to do with constipation? It doesn't bother me too much but it is a weird feeling that just came on today. I never felt anything like it with previous pregnancies. Any ideas, mamas?
So glad to hear about others' nausea subsiding. It is so hard not to worry though, huh? I think I am getting better about not rushing to the bathroom for every little gas pain but I am clearly messed up in the head about this. In my better moments, I try to remind myself that perhaps the grander "point" of motherhood is to learn things from our children that we cannot easily teach ourselves. I don't see why that learning should be limited to when they finally join us. So I...
Ok. I will. My house is an absolute disaster and I am way behind on my work. I will take your advice and seize the day!! 
So I think I have gone a whole day without any nausea! I kept waiting for it to come and...nothing. (I am 8 weeks). Although I have been miserable up until now, at least I knew that the nausea meant that I was still pregnant. (I have suffered previous losses). So what do you think, mamas? Is this me passing the the nausea "peak"? Or, am I too early for that? I feel remarkably better (although I do have aversions). What should I make of this?
Redmom, I think I know how you are feeling today. I had two back-to-back losses. It is stunning. I am so sorry. All I can say is go ahead and indulge yourself - right away. With the first one I got an expensive bottle of red wine (which I had been craving) and some good cheese and sat on the couch with my husband and sobbed my eyes out. I am not saying that was an exactly healthy thing to do but for me it was what I felt like doing and so I did it. The second time I...
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