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Um, I'm not sure I'm following much of what you just said, it all sounds a bit thrown together.    Out of all you said, I'll make some assumptions of what you are asking.     Here is how to make sodium chlorite.   From the How To site.   Regarding the chlorite factor:         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_purification#Chlorine_dioxide_disinfection   Which is exactly what I said the issue was:       So what did you mean?
To add... chlorine dioxide is used as public water treatment in other countries, however, such as Germany.  So somehow they've managed to overcome the chlorite factor.  
MMS is not ClO2.  It is a specific strength of sodium chlorite.  You can't just buy it at any store, plus there is the risk something like that would be contaminated.  Perhaps another look at Adam's pages and his video would help you understand those parts.  It is a 28% strength, however Adam explains how it is actually a 22% strength.  Sold with it is citric acid... but I only bought that with my first bottle.  I now just buy my citric acid from the supermarket.  Those...
I believe it is available in the USA, Rhonwyn.  I just don't know where.  A google would pull up sources.  
Yes.  She must be lying too, because you can't believe it.  FWIW, I have never interacted with saoirsehann before.     And since you seem to have a memory deficit, I'll repeat it for the forth or fifth time... I have not cured anyone of anything.  I reported the three men who took MMS and reported to ME what happened.  I have no reason to distrust them, as I had known them long enough before they used MMS.  I personally have used it for endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian...
Sounds perfect.     My dd is SID, 9yo, 4th grade.  My DS is 3yo, not sure if SID but is totally opposite to DD.  It has been a real struggle and I might start a thread actually.  They are opposite SIDs, which really messes with each other and drives me into the fetal position.  Anyway, Enki sounds so cool.  Pity.  We'll catch it next year perhaps.  I might have to go with Global Village or the pagan one I found for now.
It appears they don't have grade four available.  Oh well.  At least I don't have to pain over a decision now.  
Someone in the know informed me long ago that he is a circumfetishist.  He also posted on his facebook wall a graphic video of a baby being circumcised and said it excited him.  He is a gay man who was cut as an adult and who prefers circ'd penises.  However, it goes beyond preference, into fetish.  He is dangerous... he is one of the last voices left promoting the torture of baby boys.  He has no case, and he knows it, but he tries to get around it by invalidating the...
Mittsy, Enki looks great!  I wonder if I can do that here in Australia?  Most of them translate internationally so I'll keep poking around the site.  My only concern is my daughter has SID, esp dyspraxia so I have to be careful with Waldorfy type schools - too crafty, using hand details, which is difficult for her.  A little bit will be good, to develop that area, but I'd hate for her to be always struggling to do craft work.  So I'm just making sure that the "learning...
Quick to attack yet quick to cry foul.  Can dish it but can't take it.  That's a theme in this thread.  Elizabeth is the only one to (publicly) point out how I've been treated in this thread and oh how quickly she was told to basically go away.     Just incredible.  I've not experienced anything like what happened in this thread as an adult, yet everyone seems to be in freakin' denial about it.  Whatever.
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