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I haven't heard of Enki.  My daughter went to a Waldorf for six months and I do like it.     Radical, I guess, in that they help you unschool in a way, less text booky and more experiential.  My daughter loves to read, too.  I'll look up Enki.  
I just wanted to let you know I read your post.  I don't have any advice, I'm not much of an expert on hsing as I'm just starting out.  My 9yo daughter is not neurotypical, but she loves to read so I am not too worried.  When you said you limit the screen time but he doesn't want to do anything educational... what is he doing instead of those two things?     We have a "TV unplugged" policy here through the day, and we all get on the couch and watch Brady Bunch for...
Thanks.    I just noticed someone had written "50 reasons" so I wanted to point out that I wrote my article in April 2010.  
I didn't find the May thread so I'll just post in here again.  I laid out a weed mat, an organic one that breaks down into the dirt.  It worked amazingly, and I laid out lucern over the top with compost and lots of wonderful things.  I broad cast lettuce and they have all come up, in random spots around the place.  I put in a watermelon (wrong time of year here, but whatever) and a bunch of other things straight onto the grass, as recommended by Jackie French, a...
I'm searching for radical or alternative curriculums.  I like the look of Global Village but I thought perhaps asking around might be better... I'd rather have a referral than take a risk, no matter how good the marketing is for a particular hsing type.  Primary (grade 4/5) and I also have a 3 year old.   Thanks.  
Oh I see... are there any sites with testimonials on the manual method that you know of?
Oh god.  I should have stuck to my original plan not to watch that.  I almost threw up.  I'm so shaky I can hardly type.     I can't believe how F***ed up this world is.  I can't even wrap my mind around how someone can do that to a child, when they come to you when they're hurt, when they're scared, the nights they were held by you when they were sick or upset... and do THAT to them... as she cries for help, as her mind simultaneously tries to understand how that...
I thought it was done for most of the day, that the device was attached for as many hours as the man could handle.    
Congratulations wombjuice!  I look forward to hearing about your raw pregnancy journey.  You should keep a blog.   I also believe humans were meant to eat mostly fruits (frugivore).  Evidence for this is breast milk (the sweetest mammal milk there is by a big margin) and the way kids gravitate to sweets (which most unfortunately end up translating as candy).  And some other reasons.  Fruit is the one thing often missing on a raw lifestyle, and that's when people lose too...
This is an article it wrote some time ago now, but I couldn't link it here due to the past blog rules.  I can now (I checked ), so here it is.  It has been quoted and linked by many places including Intact America.   20 Reasons I Did Not Circumcise My Son    
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