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        You have missed posts of mine.  #s 287 and 283.  I didn't mean "same".     TCDO, at the very least, has chlorite in it.  MMS is chlorite.  It's effectiveness in the body is because the chemical reaction it undergoes with acid means it becomes chlorine dioxide.     My chlorite stands on the bench and turns to chorine dioxide, without me doing anything to it.  It turns to chlorine dioxide in a bottle of water, too (that's how traveller's use it to disinfect water)....
Must run... I'll come back tomorrow or perhaps later today.  Thanks for the discussion, it has a much more neutral tone and I am very grateful.   
          "Such known anion complex is the “tetrachlorodecaoxide”, which contains stabilized active oxygen in a chlorite matrix together with chlorine dioxide." http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7252772.html      
WF10 has chlorite.  MMS is chlorite.  WF10 has chlorine dioxide.  MMS is chlorine dioxide when activated.     I undsertand you are saying chlorine dioxide is not tetrachlorodecaoxide... are you understanding that I am saying tetrachlorodecaoxide contains chlorine dioxide and also releases chlorine dioxide?
      MusicianDad:   .He did say 11 oxygen atoms, however.  I double checked and apparently it is 10.  That isn't the point he was making though.  He was pointing out there is no sodium in it.  And that is true.  I am so used to calling chlorite "sodium chlorite" that I was calling it that.  I should have said simply "chlorite", as that is what it is.  
Because chlorite and chlorine dioxide are the same molecule (ClO2) only chlorite is ClO2- and I didn't want it to get confusing.  MusicianDad said there was no chlorite in WF10, and there is.  Chlorite is considered the active constituent, actually.  MMS is chlorite.  Both are acidified to chlorine dioxide.       Even so, tetrachlorodecaoxide has chlorine dioxide in it, as I said, in a chlorite matrix.  Either that or several patent claims are wrong and a couple of...
You used the word "quack"?  Unbelievable.  Why are you even in the health area of MDC when you so obviously share disdain with many other posters on this thread for things that people on this board would not consider "quackery".     It is chlorite, and as you saw, contains chlorine dioxide.  The debate here was whether you can ingest chlorine dioxide, and apparently not only can you ingest it, you can inject it.  Not only that, but chlorite becomes chlorine dioxide in...
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      Some of the drugs that are being patented and used in studies are often just stabilized sodium chlorite. When they did an analysis of what this created in the body when use introvenously it was shown to release chlorine dioxide in the blood stream.    In fact, chlorite is considered "stabilized chlorine dioxide" because it is in a pH range that will not release chlorine dioxide. Once acidified, ClO2 is released.  It also degrades back to chlorite,...
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