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ma2two, thanks for the info and the link!
Can a private (Catholic) school refuse to accept a religious exemption? One parent is Catholic the other is not. We are in South Carolina. They require the shot record from the doctor even with the exemption form. Will a shot record stating 'declined ' satisfy the state requirement for them? I've researched the requirements on vaclib.org but now I'm confused and worried.
Hello.  Does anyone have any experience to share regarding vaccine exemptions for Catholic schools in the Charleston,SC diocese? I'm Catholic but my husband is not...so I'm not sure if just he should sign the exemption?  Can I sign it based on my 'moral conscience'? I have the form from the health department, but I really don't know what I can expect when I submit it to the school.  Any information is welcomed!  
Good morning!  Has anyone had success with a religious exemption from vaccinations in SC? I am Catholic my husband is not.  We are sending our kids to a Catholic school and I've not been able to find any indication of whether I'll get resistence from schools that belong in the Charleston Diosese.  Thanks for any info - I'm desperate to hear some experiences!
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