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I wanted to bump this as we haven't made a lot of friends yet.  ;)
We do so many more "green" things than when I was a kid.  Recycling for one.  We are in a small town and don't have curbside service.  The kids and I load it all into my car and drop it off once a week! 
We are finally settling in.  But we are at a loss for what to do with our kids here.  Hopefully, you've had more luck.
Just sent ya an e-mail!    We moved two weeks ago today.    So far, I haven't found any AP or crunchy families.  We are homeschooling preschool this year and I can't even find a homeschool group here.  Yikes!
Not sure I can answer your question, but I felt compelled to reply.  We just moved to Pittsburg KS (Southeast KS) exactly two weeks ago because of grad school and how cheap it is to live here.  We have a large 2 bedroom house with a 2+ car garage and a giant yard.  Our rent is $550 per month and I feel very safe.    I grew up in rural Missouri and it was hell on a crunchy family.  But I don't see Kansas as being much better.    We just moved here from the Detroit...
I did.  Thank you!
Hi there!  My family is moving to Pittsburg, KS in the next few weeks and we would love to get together with crunchy families near Joplin.  Originally we are from KC but have been living in metro Detroit.  Now we're headin' back to Kansas!   I have a son 3.5 and a daughter 18 months.  Before having kids, I taught at Pittsburg State University and am probably going back to teaching in another year.  In the meantime, we need some playdates!   Anyone in Joplin? ...
Just a little bump as we are moving in a few short weeks to Pittsburg, Kansas.  We are looking to connect to some crunchy families!
We are moving to Pittsburg, KS in just a few short weeks and I'd like to connect with some crunchy families!
Thank you!
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