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Both the children receive weekly therapy, they now have a large extended family that give them lots of love and attention. I guess its their adoptive mom that could do with a bit of therapy herself as she adopted them when she was in her fifties and as she works outside the home also she can get exhausted and therefore isn't always able to follow thru on all her intentions. The children seem to be very attached to her however, and she is willing to do anytheing for them...
Two siblings were adopted into my extended family in the past couple of years after a year of foster care by the aformentioned family member. They were abused and neglected by drug addicted birth parents and both children are considered to have attachment disorders. The younger child is a girl age 6. She has been in our family now since the age of 3. I am generally a very easy going parent but I have to say that spending time with her is very hard work, mainly because...
Thanks Joan, yep she used to like brushing herself and taking turns but now she just refuses. I'll try the mirror idea and I have been looking for an interesting "tool" to encourage her so I'll try your toothbrush idea.
p.s. has not seen a dentist yet.
She used to let me clean with a cloth or brush but right now ( for past month at least) doesn't want to cooperate. Any advice, and also... how do you care for a toddlers teeth and what do I need to be aware of? Thank you!!!
I'm interested as my 17 mo old is not attached to any object in that manner other than her mama. Some of my friends babies have a favorite teddy or binky etc. I have noticed these children are seperated from their mom during the day or sleep in another room. Any observations or comments?
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