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Interesting question! A lot of those French words do seem like they ought to be part of the English language by now (and subject to alternate spellings). I want to say that I have seen (or used to see?) these words used in italics, as "intentionally French", in older books? Sort of like a way for people to show off how fancy they were.
Claire, it sounds like we have similar hair. How is it going now for you? I've been no poo for 10 months now. I do baking soda and acv twice a week. I have had eczema my whole life, so I try to avoid washing my hair more than that. I shower as needed but don't get my hair wet most days. In the last month, I've had a flare up of eczema along with my seasonal allergies, and its been especially bad on my scalp. The baking soda really soothes it. Is it ok to use baking soda...
Perfect - thank you for the link!
My dd just had her 12 month checkup today, and despite her excellent health, her pediatrician told me to stop breastfeeding "as soon as possible, because it will ruin her teeth". She described kids she'd seen whose teeth were badly eroded by breast milk. She was adamant: "you should stop by 15 m at the latest but preferably by 12m." I was too shocked to respond properly - this same doctor was so supportive when I struggled with breastfeeding in the early weeks. The...
It's not just clothes. Everything baby related is gendered now. It drives me up the wall. I'm sure it stems from a desire to sell more product. It makes me appreciative of companies like IKEA, who have plain ol' kid stuff that is gender neutral.
Following I'm almost 2 months in. I wash twice a week with 1T BS in 1c water followed by 1T ACV in 1c water. I have been struggling with what seems to be hard water buildup on my hair - it feels a little dull and waxy, as if there is product in it. I brush daily with a boar bristle brush and it gets covered in what looks like white dust. I looked into it, and we have hard water so I tried using boiled water to mix my solutions and it seems to help.
Thanks for the great suggestions! I love the Montessori materials - I was mainly thinking magazine because he'd totally love to get something in the mail addressed to him. It's great to see so many good options!
A friend's son is turning 3 soon. Reading is an important activity in their family, so I'm thinking about getting him a magazine subscription for his birthday. What are your favorite magazines for this age group and why?
Since I've done it myself many times in a pinch, I don't think I could tell a child not to! But it would have to be discreet and courteous (I.e. following the "picnic blanket rule" mentioned previously)
My husband came home from the store with one of those "crystal" deodorants. It says it contains "ammonium alum" - that sounds like an aluminum compound. How can that be safe?
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