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Have you tried making a really big deal out of the things your son is good at like reading and math? What if you put him in a class doing something that his siblings have never done before? Maybe even something not involving motor skills but space camp or something similar. Setting him up to do something where he can't compare himself to his siblings might do wonders for his self esteem.   Are you very consistent with your discipline? Have you tried designating a...
I think it was completely reasonable for you to equate one helping action with another. I applaud you for seeing an opportunity to teach and taking advantage of it.    As for what she said...yeah, it's just a toddler thing. I agree with the poster who talked about putting on a sad face and saying that your feelings have been hurt. Great idea!    With my dd, I say, " How would you feel if someone said/did that to you?" It gives us a good opportunity to talk about...
I should talk to the mom. I'm worried about it affecting our relationship but you're right...if I let it go it will only make things worse. I like the nap solution too. I'll try that. Thanks!
Yes, that's why I said, "I think DH and I got lucky." She just happens to be a good listener and a calm child. I do think it's a little silly to say that parenting has little to do with a child's behavior though. The way you parent has a HUGE impact on your child. Other lo is the opposite of my dd. I don't know how to respond to her behavior. I want to respect other mom's GD practices while I'm watching her child. What are some solutions?
She is 3.5
Hello! Long time lurker and first time poster...hoping someone can give me some advice. My dd is 3 years old. I don't know how I would describe my parenting philosophies because we baby wore and dd was breastfed until 26 months but we never co-slept and she was Ferber sleep trained. As far as discipline goes, she is aware that as she is getting older there is and will be more expectations from us as far as behavior and maturity goes. We do time outs and take away toys for...
New Posts  All Forums: