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yeah your right i looked it up and loads of women had the same problem with them i wont be using them again.
hi sorry to keep you waiting with the news but af showed up so deffo not preggers this month which was devestating as i got my hopes up when i seen the faint lines on the internet cheapies but fingers crossed for next month
Thank you it feels so good to think i may still have a chance, i will test again in the morning and fingers crossed i have my bfp!
so I'm 13dpo today and since 8dpo i have tested everyday using internet cheapies and on all of them i had lines show up within three mins but they are very very very faint and tonight i tested with a clearblue digi and it was bfn, I'm not sure if thats because i'm not due Af for another three days and its too early to pick up or because i tested in the evening and didnt really have a full bladder, would anyone recommend me trying again in the morning with my other...
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