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Due to some VERY unforeseen circumstances, I was given antibiotics during labor. As a result, both ds and I have contracted thrush and it just keeps on going due to bfing. Anyone else had to deal and did you find any tried and true methods to rid yourselves of it? I have run out of ideas...acidophilus, exposing my breasts to air as much as possible, disposable breast pads, boiling bottle nipples...even antifungal meds. HELP!! Cat
wow, so I am definitely not the only one sweating going back to work. It looks like I will be in part time also, with dh at home on those days. We are so blessed!! I am so glad to see all of the un-circ'd boys that will be growing up together...at least psychically! It is so funny that whenever I talk to other mom's or relatives about our decision, one of their big arguments is that they will be different when they get older. Phooey to that. The stats just keep...
YAY for chocolate!!! :
Thanks Jen. I think I am going to go with the Joeybunz. I purchased a sample pack online with 7 different inserts and those seems to be the most absorbent. ...speaking of breastfeeding, my little guy was 10#2oz at birth and within 2 1/2 weeks, went up to 12#10 1/2oz!!! At ten weeks, he currently weighs a whopping 16 pounds and 26 inches long!!! He is now lovingly referred to as giganti-baby! (it runs in the family, I am 5'11" and his papa is 6'6") Ds is also doing...
What I find to be most unnerving is that the flu vaccine is based on last year's strain. More than likely, this year's strain is a mutation, therefore, is the vaccine even effective?? Cat
So I received some fuzzy bunz and really like them but I am using prefold inserts and they are just too darn bulky! Anyone have any good suggestions for less bulky inserts that have the same absorbancy?! Thanks ahead of time! Cat
WOW!! I was so excited when I came across this thread this morning!! I am Cat and my son Avery was born July 30. I think it was j that mentioned her extremely long birth...mine was quite similar and produced a blue moon baby! My actual due date was July 12 and I was followed by an OB as well as having a doula. I was not dilating for the life of me and of course the OB wanted to induce at two weeks. We declined, and my water broke four days after that and contractions...
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