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Montgomery will be closing labor and delivery on sept 29th, and all patients will go to Einstein medical center.   If your delivering after sept 29th then you might be interested in knowing this.  Einstein medical center just called me, and the woman I spoke to said she asked the director of the OB department about their water birth policy.  They are 100% on board with it!    Good luck!!
Einstein medical center just called me.  She talked to the director of the OB department and she said that water birth is absolutely allowed and they are 100% on board with it!!  That is so exciting for me to hear!!
Thank you!!  That's great news!   I received an email back from Einstein saying they are still looking into it for me, and will be back in touch with me soon.  I hope they will follow the same protocol as Montgomery!   If anyone else has any knowledge about this please let me know :)
I have been told some conflicting information about Montgomery Hospital allowing patients to bring in their own birthing pools.  Midwifery traditions (kathy Hindle delivers at montgomery) told me that Montgomery allows it.  Then I called The Valley Birthplace, and they said that Montgomery's rooms aren't big enough for a birthing pool (they also deliver at Montgomery).  Does anyone know from experience what Montgomery Hospitals policy is for this? Then to make things...
I finally figured out that they do!  It took 2 days for me to finally get a hold of someone there though...I sure hope that it isn't that hard to get in touch with someone there normally!   
Oh and if you go with Einstein, the rooms are private and from what the website says very nice! 
Kathy Hindle with midwifery traditions delivers at Montgomery hospital.  I called them a few days ago to verify that.  Montgomery doesn't have any tubs from what I hear though.  The receptionist at Midwifery traditions said that Montgomery allows birthing pools to be brought in.  But I have heard conflicting information from other midwifes about that though.  The Valley Birthplace told me that they deliver at Montgomery hospital as well. Montgomery Hospital is going...
does anyone know if Valley Birthplace accepts medicaid?  I want to have a water birth for my third baby, but I am having a TON of problems figuring out how to do that because of insurance issues :( 
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