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All of my pre-O mucus this cycle was a very gross yellow color (almost like you'd see in a sinus infection).  Any of you have experience with this? Does it sometimes indicate an infection?  I just had a pap smear in March and they didn't call to say there were any problems. Thanks for any input 
Yeah, I don't agree with her either but I always get nervous about getting pushy with doctors in the moment. I probably need to go back in, or to get a new doctor.  By the way are they things you can do to encourage sperm growth once you find out that it's a problem. like supplements or meds or anything?   My temps are whacky and I've long suspected low thyroid.  My pre-O temps go all the way down to 96.6 and after the high range lately is about 98.  I've been tested for...
Very helpful advice; thank you!
Thanks, organicviolin!  I didn't really know food allergies and spinal health can play a big role. Do you recommend going to a chiropractor who specifically deals with fertility concerns, or would any chiropractor do?
Hi all, decided to join at the recommendation of a friend. I hope you will be patient with me as I learn all the terms, abbreviations, etiquette and such. :)  Here's a brief bit about me and why I'm posting:   I'm 28, been married 2 years and TTC 9 months (never been on ABC though).  I've always had very painful periods and sometimes painful ovulation, so always wondered if I'd run into fertility problems at some point in life.  I've had blood tests multiple times in...
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