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No, Everyone On my FB I know, most of them are other military wives
I personally hate black friday and I hate getting up early, but if given the right deal, i could bless that horrid day with my presence. I just really hate the whole rat race feel of it all. I hate feeling like you have to rush here, rush there. We have an online gift card for Sears that i might stay home and use, but my luck the system will shut down right as I check out
I do the laundry, therefore its mine! even tho it usually goes into our vacation fund or for a after dinner treat
ohh the Vanilla and cinnamon makes the whole house smell like warm apple pie Almode(sp?).. humm
im the last to take fashion adivce from, i wear what i like and feels good, i wear funky toe socks with my jeans, i love tie dye skirts with a simple tee, i don't wear jelwery, only DH dogtags. I could care less whats hip and in style.. im just me
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife No, I don't have any urge to de-activate my facebook account. ). I wouldn't call it a time suck any more than anything else I do online (mainly MDC) No drama + no addicting games = a positive way to keep in touch with family and friends who all live far away from me. ETA: and if someone's hundreds of pumkin patch pictures don't interest me, I have no guilt what-so-ever not even clicking on them...
does anyone else boild spices in water to make your home smell wonderful? my fav is vanilla and cinnamon, it makes my home smell like I was baking all day. anyones else care to share thier good smell'n ideas
does anyone else do this? I boil cinnamon and vanilla and it makes the whole house smell like i was baking all day. Anyone else have any spices they boil?
With DS1 it was a suprise to get PG, DS we trying for about a 1. I divorced and remarried, my hubbers and I knew we wanted to have a baby right away, and thats what happened i was prego within less than a month of being married Good luck and best of wishes Amanda
very cute
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