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Wow, I've been a bad board checker! Isa! Boys rock! Congratulations! Gametzer, congratulations! My kids sure got more I dependent with each new baby, but we kept special routines like bedtime. Once the little guy gets to be 4ish months old, the older guy will never know so much love. Babies and toddlers worship their bigs.
I'm not married, so I have no idea about that at all.
I don't worry too much. It never ends. My kids each had 2 requests on their lists. They got way way way way more than that. I'm just going to make them go through and pick what they want to keep and donate.
Is he on nystat? Weeks of thrush sounds awful.
Are you sure it's thrush? I've had similar pain with my milk drying up (pregnancy/weaning) but only flaking with thrush.
Starling, I have treated with gentian violet successfully a few times. I had to call around to find it. Otherwise just try to keep them dry. I think OTC antifungals would probably do it, too. I would never bother with a whole anti-candida diet for a one time problem. Lol.
Isa, aren't they the cutest and most annoying at this age? Sleep, ugh. My boys are still nursing to sleep. I am working on weaning and these are the last ones to go. Sara is not weaning. So they go to bed with me and when I tell them it's time to e done nursing and sleep, So tries and S runs to sleep with Sara. He comes back later when I'm asleep and nurses then, I assume. I have thrush from a recent round of antibiotics, so I'm even more motivated to wean.
Granite, yay for the weight gain! Coco, woah on the diagnosis. Is it news to you or where you pursuing a diagnosis? AOTD, I moved cross country late in my first pregnancy, so all the friends I made we kid frieds. With older kids it's much easier to hang out with friends than with toddlers/babies/early bedtimes. I guess until you get to the age of fifty billion activities.
Rs11, did I miss an intro? I don't read in the other threads and would love to hear more about your family.
I've gone through phases. I still have frieds from the midwife new parent support group when O was a baby. Currently I leave the house for groceries and work.
New Posts  All Forums: