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Don't worry, I'm keeping track.How does that makes sense?? Good luck with you interviews.
There are more advantages than just BC. Yay on the bus having buyers lined up.
Well, I still have 4 kids. And I paid a fortune to make 'em.
I'm totally ignorant of birth control. My kids took the turn from happy snotty kids to cranky. I still need to take them out. Decisions.
Sonja, that's showing as a picture instead of video for me. I like either shorter hair or way longer on the sides to make a head look less gargantuan.
Amanda, yay for good test results! Thanks, I'll leave the sides for now. Two sleeping boys. Maybe I can do some cooking now and finish rearranging once they wake.
Sonja, if you're having a crazy, intense PMSy whatever, the hormones of the latter half of your cycle are the same as pregnancy hormones, right? I've certainly had very real pregnancy symptoms when I've gone late. Jaimee, I snapped everyone a picture. But here's where I've left it so far, in still trying to decide if I want the sides long or short. I also cut off S2's fuzzy dreads and trimmed the top of S's hair. They both have snotty noses. Don't read if snot bothers...
Sonja, sorry about the negative. Mal, yay for a day off! In already changing up my plans. Lol. I can't figure out a pizza crust. Nicole, why are you busy? You're on vacation. Sonja, it's so cute when they sleep talk! My boys mostly yell, "ball!"
Crosspost Amanda. Good luck with your test.
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