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Nicole, welcome to my time zone! I'm glad your trip went well. Kirsten, thinking of your today. Joanie, how're you feeling this morning? What are everyone's weekend plans? Today I want to rearrange my living room and cut my hair. And cook 2-3 meals so I have food for the weekend. That sounds do-able, right?
Nicole, yay for a great drive! Joanie, my boys have other babies in the house and still lose it when I hold other babies. Mal, yay for being done. Enjoy your drink. Sonja, those sound like great stories. Day 2 or 3 with heat and S stick a dowel rod in the fire to play birthday.
We used I have crappier teeth, and we would not have a full set of teeth by adulthood. The wisdom teeth pushed the remaining teeth forward to keep a full set. That's what my dentist told me. Kirsten, good luck. Mal, 5
Too late, but thanks for making the rest of the day good.
Mmm, NyQuil. I'm running errands on the way to work. I got a wheat penny in my change, so the day just gets better.
Shay's getting a firefighter costume. Not my idea. I may also cut a small bike smaller and remove the petals for him. Pedals? Lol.
Nicole, lol, if I wasn't so busy cooking, I would have given you shit, too. If he has time to throw a party, he can go grocery shopping. When do you hit the road? Is it going to be you, sister and 3 under 2? Amanda, I was just backing Ash up. Mmm hmmm. Shoes are the worst! Half mine need shoes. My house smells delicious. I still haven't made coffee, I need to fix that.
Yay Nicole!! Safe travels!Ok, it looks like we can have 10 people in a google hangout, free. The program can be downloaded to computer or it's an app for iPhone or android. It looks very do-able. I will figure out more about it a little later in the day, m'kay?Give Nicole a high five for me.
Joanie, yay for sleeping in. I think it's easy to fear aging when you have those examples, but remember that they made it to 30 when you were quite young. Describe your snap war idea? Being in different time zones, I'd be the earliest drinker. Not sure how that would work. That and my almost non-drinker status. Does everyone have a google account? I haven't looked into it enough, but it seems we could get a 9 way video chat (I know our group is larger, but I think we'd be...
New Posts  All Forums: