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Joanie, yay for sleeping in. I think it's easy to fear aging when you have those examples, but remember that they made it to 30 when you were quite young. Describe your snap war idea? Being in different time zones, I'd be the earliest drinker. Not sure how that would work. That and my almost non-drinker status. Does everyone have a google account? I haven't looked into it enough, but it seems we could get a 9 way video chat (I know our group is larger, but I think we'd be...
I'm ok over here I think she's just grasping at straws. I think that's the one place where I'm less calm. I've resolved to remain calm and think it will go better.Yay for more night weaning success!!!My kids all dried up at night before potty training (except O, he dried up when I went off wheat). I'm going to count myself lucky.Good times. Are the kids excited?Wow, I would feel homocidal. What kind of body jewelry?
Shay is. I have literally put his pants on him while holding upside down by one ankle more than once. The child hates clothes.
You can tie a baby on with sheets,beach towel, anything.
Joanie, I'm still at work, then an hour in the car.
Joanie, I'm sorry.
Not usually. Just texts. It's not usually so bad.
We are setting up a schedule tomorrow morning so we don't have to see each other much.
No worries. Not happening. Just feels like hostage negotiations.
I've had drama for the past 24ish hours. Most recent, when I asked about working 2 more days a month and she said she wanted to take S2 and adopt S away from me. Like WTF?
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