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Isn't it slow every Wednesday? Because every Wednesday I have I say I'm at work. Drama, way excessive drama at my house today.
It was. Lol. Now they're trying to brain each other for a toy. How're you feeling, Sonja?
Neither here nor there, but back to the sharing topic. Last night at a Halloween party, when the piñata was opened, both my boys picked up a piece for themselves and then tried to share the rest with their sibs.
No idea what I'm doing with my life, Joanie. I always want to move toward travel nursing, and then I wind up tied up with baby mama drama. I did change my withholdings recently because I got an absurdly large amount back at tax time. My new paycheck a are nicer.
Kids build model rockets and learn about newton's laws and trig.That's some scary stuff. Hugs
He's beautiful.
My joints hurt for 8-10 days after I eat wheat.Yay for getting the bus sold.One napping baby during rocket class. Lovely.
Few things are scarier than not being able to breathe, anxiety is a big symptom of hypoxia.
Oh, I meant that I am relaxing, then I go, crap, I must be forgetting to do something, this is too easy. One toddlers is relatively easy.
Diabetes and breathing problems are my two biggest COD I've watched. It's ugly. Just get treated.
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