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I'll go with the group. Does the freeforums one even still exist?
I think it's just about learning the new system. Three boards have been built at this point. I assume that the kinks will work out fairly quickly once we can focus on a single site.
Banana love just makes me think of dudes. It's the phrase. I want to wash my brain out with soap now.
Oh, does proboard update if someone posts while you're typing? I liked that a lot of freeforums.
That's kind of bad. And I lost the link to the third.
Joanie, it's 3:30 here and my guys just laid down.I feel your pain! I just bought two pairs of pants yesterday, so I feel a lot better about it. Good luck packing.
Nice! You can tell S is my third, he mans the spatula all the time lately.Lol, it's probably going to be easier for you if your DH isn't involved in the forum. Also, when I think of designated hitter, I think of something dirtier.
Joanie, ASTC does free reciprocal admission to 300 museums. I plan road trips around these places. I've been to many on my side of the MIssissippi river. A few on the other. Now go post on the new forum so I have an excuse to learn more about it
Happy birthday, Greta! Happy birthday, Mal!
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