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Nicole, how many sisters do you have? Mal, I hope spending time with your mom is good. How's your mom doing with being away from home so much?
Even looking warm is a challenge! And I hear Nicole is god's gift to women. Christina, he's adorable.
Christina, some things you missed, a lot of us play with an app called Snapchat. You should too. My name is Serafinite. Jaimee put together a real contact list. We have the most active thread on MDC, it's hard to keep up. Some of us just smile and nod a lot. There have been recent questions about privacy.
Christina, hi! How have you been? Ash, I'm old and bruised and I didn't even do anything.
Sonja, if all else fails, fix it when he's sleeping! Jaimee, what are you educated in besides biology?
Ash, did you hit the sign or miss? Have fun Amanda and Nicole! I forgot to write about last night! I am really boring to admit this, but I cooked. On Friday night. I couldn't figure out a pizza crust so I switched up my meal plan to 5 crock pot dishes. I made 4 into freezer bags and the 5th into the crockpot. It took 1.5 hours including cleanup. Besides rice and pasta for a couple of dishes, I'm done making dinner for the week. Yay! I was a little disturbed at how few...
Joanie, how're you feeling about it today? I lost the rest of my thoughts for personals when the page changed. Katie, how was your night? I can't do night weaning because I sleep like the dead. I talk in my sleep, like entire conversations. I also nurse in my sleep and turn off my alarms. I was almost late this morning because I turned off both alarms in my sleep and woke 10 minutes before time to leave. On the bright side, there was a pot of coffee waiting for me at work.
Good morning, everyone. Nicole, yay about the potty use. Boo about the sleep, how did the rest of your night go? Kirsten, Sonja, I use clippers on kid hair but S's hair is too fine. Similar concept, I use my fingers are a cutting guard. Oh, being called away, will finish up shortly.
Wow, so many names I don't recognize! I was late to the club. All my belly pictures were with my other women.
Don't worry, I'm keeping track.How does that makes sense?? Good luck with you interviews.
New Posts  All Forums: