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Ash, I hope there has been a positive change since your last post, I'm thinking of you all. Nicole, I know, there were 3 people ahead of me on candy crush, then I friended you and Ash passed me and I'm all slacking at level 201 suddenly. I played more a while ago but only play a life or two per day. I have something ridiculous like 69 extra lives. Sonja, lightening is great when you're someplace safe. Abra, I think I need to start something similar. Joanie, I've not...
Ash, be safe and have fun. Abra, that sounds like a great bedtime. Was this with or without a nap? Becca, nun points to you. Why aren't we running a tally? Like on a scale from 1 to 5? Also, would you like to share crafty pictures? I could use the motivation. Amber, what level are you on? I went to bed at 10:30 like a good girl and O woke me at 10:50 feeling sick again. I sang him a couple of songs but that failed to bring out the barf, so I gave up and lay with him...
Beautiful boys!
Amanda, good luck with your planning.
Nicole, it sounds like a good sign to me.
They did some maintenance or something. There were several posts that ended midsentence with an elipse (is that the right word? ...)
What's going on with the cut off posts? Abra, it was fun and exciting for a while, she wants to focus on something else for a minute or she had too much melon. You may like a 3 strikes rule for now?
Ash, yay for mild pox! And vacation! Nicole, yay for surprise dinner! Abra, yay for Spanish! Jaimee, hmmm, we're mostly crash and bash at our house. And giggle baby dolls. That sounds like quite a deal. Amanda, yay for all the food! Sonja, yay for mouse cake!? Joanie, yay for therapy!
What's semi healthy cereal Amanda? The milk alternatives are all about $8 per gallon around here, too.
And Happy New Year! To anyone celebrating.
New Posts  All Forums: