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Babyland over here too! Nursing is great, gaining well! Adorable awake moments, we are so in love! Ds1 is kinda mad at me for loving the baby, but he loves the baby. Better he be mad with me than the newborn I figure ... Babe is much less fussy than 1st 48h -whew. I think it was because he was born so fast? Haven't written story of freight train labor either but it shouldn't be a long one lol. Sleeping 2h at a time is ok... Better than preggo insomnia ! I like cosleeping,...
Wrong on all counts!Born 41+3 (was sure it'd be edd at the latest!)9#1 (not 7 to 8!)3.5h labor beginning to end (less than predicted 6)Lol!
My big 9lb1 little guy was born yesterday after an extremely short intense labor! Mw said I was 3/4cm and they were running the bath for me when he was born LOL. He is perfect and we are so happy! He was very fussy for 24h and the baby nurse said that's often the case for babies born extremely fast. He's fine now tho! More another time! Congrats to all the other births! More later!
Not sure, but I know for binding it should start very low, binding the top of your pelvic bone, if it's high like a wrap is I'm not sure it would help... but wouldn't hurt either? Still pregnant so can't try it yet
Contrats eandco!! Welcome to gorgeous Justin !!
I would love to stay with you all as a parenting group too, and I'm not on FB either!   All the mamas with babies on the outside, I'm thinking of you, esp purposeful and others facing medical issues    sego I am sending you active labor vibes after all these ctx all this time!    mamabeakly so nice you are having a wonderful babymooning moment with your little girl!    kel I hope your BH stay mellow and you aren't getting crampy too often.  During the...
Marylin, Zebrachick, AlaskaAnne and MamaBeakly,   Congratulations, mamas!!   Welcome, welcome, welcome to the world to your gorgeous cuddly babies! 
Sego, super exciting! Thinking of you! Mothership & chica : hang in there mamas! 41 weeks over here today and no labor signs...
Congratulations mama !!! Welcome baby girl!!!!
Oops double post!
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