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Hi ladies, I didn't really post on here but a couple of times, but Sunday I had spotting and Monday it went away, then came back red. I went to the midwife to try to find a heartbeat (I was 11 weeks) and they found nothing. So I asked for an ultrasound. It revealed a sac but no fetus. I guess it is called a blighted ovum and is very common (50% of miscarriages). This happened last time, too, I had bleeding at 11 weeks but I was able to find a heartbeat. I had a feeling...
Although I really didn't need him until the very end when the doula sorta just backed out of the picture. So I wonder if she could take over and play with benji for the very last part?
I guess I will need to find someone I actually trust to care for him. I can't fathom him being anywhere in the house and not hearing anything (we do not have a basement but we have two floors). If I was to entrust him to dh there is a good chance dh wold need to take him out of the house and would therefore miss the birth right?
Hi ladies, I don't come on here much, but I am trying to figure out what on earth I can do about my baby who will be exactly two years when this baby is due. Last time I had a home water birth and benji was posterior so I had a sunny side up baby and I screamed very loudly. I am concerned about ds1 being scared. What have your experiences been with another child during your birth? I am hoping for a regular positioned baby this time so that maybe it won't be as difficult...
the recommended dose on the back of the bottle is 2 oz (1/4 cup) but I just pour in a tablespoon. Don't know if it is helping, but spraying on the skin was not fun for me.
Hey ladies, just thought I'd share that my nausea was getting worse recently and then I decided to stop the nature calm magnesium drink. So much more manageable. Now I do magnesium oil in the bath instead.
I can't help you, I'm freezing. In Florida. It is 80 outside. Only at night before bed am I cold though. Then I wake up toasty because three in the bed is toasty.
Yes. My first baby. I was 41 weeks. I was sitting at the dinner table playing an app on the ipad because sitting on the couch wasn't comfortable anymore. Suddenly there was this kind of gurgle feeling like I was peeing myself. I also got this weird metallic taste in my mouth for one second. I stood up and saw this pool of water on the chair and went to the bathroom. I knew what this was. "Um, you should probably call the midwife" I said to my husband. Then I proceeded to...
I usually make mine with kale, frozen berries, half a banana, ground chia, yogurt (yummy probiotics), and a scoop of almond butter. Sometimes I add honey. Can't remember if honey is preggo friendly. I think so?
I don't usually get flu vaccines, but I did this year. I have a baby and he is around other babies and just having a cold last time was hell. Husband's work is also very germ infested and he almost always gets something and won't bother to be more preventative. I got the non preservative kind. Shot, not nasal. Just read an article that the nasal spray is less effective in adults. I just got very scared this year. Usually I don't bother.
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