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Thank you so much for responding!    And I know Chris! :) Thank you! I have been in contact with her recently, for my preceptor work and it turned into needing a midwife.. lol!    But I wanted to interview a few before deciding on just one:) Thanks again! 
I had an epidural/hospital birth with my first baby.. (and regret it terribly..) However, that is me..    I had a completely natural/drug free home/water birth with my second and planning the same for my 3rd. :)   I LOVED it, it was worth it, the feelings, the way I felt about myself and my baby was just different. I would change my first birth if I could and had a homebirth, or atleast not had an epidural.. But I can't change the past, only the future:) Good...
Hey Ladies,    New to this website and will be new to Logan soon.. I *gulp* just found out I'm expecting #3!!!! Who do you know? Names/Phone/email and a brief description about them? Why did you choose them?    I prefer to catch my own babies, waterbirth, eat/drink, whatever.. Enlighten me! :) 
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