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I did notice that they dried a little lighter than they were at the 5ish minute mark and I was sure CD 10 was as dark but after it dried I doubted myself because it just seemed too early to O. I guess time will tell! What is ecer? I don't do temperatures although I kind of wish I had!! 
This is my first month using these things. I bought them because my husband is military and I knew he'd be leaving near my O date so we wanted to kind of even know if we should anticipate the two week wait or not. Does that make sense? lol..anyway, CD12 is M.I.A but it was very faint, less than the CD 11 pm one. I guess my question is: Did I ovulate yet??? Seems a bit early to O, I think I'm just a little too hopeful : / I had the thick CM on CD 13 afternoon and on to...
Thank you for the advice! 
I am new to this and all forums...I hope I am posting in the right place!   I have a quick question about taking certain medicines before a possible implantation. We are TTC this month and I THINK I ovulated yesterday (I've been doing ovulation strips, but they're confusing me. Maybe that's another post, lol) Anyway, today I sprained my foot and they prescribed me vicodin. I told both the nurse and doctor that my husband and I are trying to conceive and she said I...
Hello All! I am new here and new to forums. I am a google freak, so I google EVERYTHING and often find the answers I need in random forums so I thought it'd be nice to actually be apart of one!
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