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Hey everyone!! Just wanted to pop in and let you know im thinking of you all even though I haven't had a chance to post much lately! And welcome to the newcomers!!
Congrats earthwalker!! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!
Just a quick note...its been a busy few days for me but I'm trying to stay caught up lol Earthwalker- good luck testing tomorrow! Justjenny- Fingers crossed that your IUI worked! Prescottchels- Hope things go well with DP! Welcome fnpmama! Afm- Af is gone and I'm ready to see what the rest of this cycle has in store
Earthwalker- I was afraid of getting checked out, but finally decided to after DH and I had a good long talk after I completely broke down one night about things not working. And now that I know what's going on I'm feeling a bit better because I kind of have a goal to work towards...if that makes sense? I feel like I can do things to try and help now that I know what the problem is. I'm not ready to try and medication or anything yet, but have changed my diet and and...
I would love to start making my own veggie chips too! Ill have to keep an eye out at goodwill and the thrift stores next time I'm there. Prescottchels- I'm jealous that you get to play with baby chicks! I can't wait to one day not be stuck living in an apartment. I want to bw able to have animals and garden!!
Hi ladies! I have kinda been lurking for a while and posted a couple times on previous Saner TTC threads. I had kind of taken a step back from TTC stuff because I've been trying to get some health issues sorted out and it was stressing me out further. My hormones are "off balance" according to my bloodwork, so I'm trying to get that all figured out. I'm trying to go about it naturally so have started recently going gluten free which I see a few of you are gluten free...
I have a question for you ladies...how many people know you are ttc? I've been struggling with feeling pretty down lately. We havent been trying very long yet but my cycles are so crazy and long. I'm at nearly cd50 with bfns and don't feel like af is coming soon because I haven't had my normal af symptoms. I have a few close friends who know we are ttc but other than that we haven't told people so we can avoid the constant questioning about how its going. But at the moment...
Sending good vibes your way Xerxella!!!
Between my sis in law and you ladies all talking about Downton I think I need to find some time to try and watch it! It sounds like a great show! DH and I both have colds right now so I plan to do some relaxing tomorrow on my day off of work. If I actually o'd when I think I did I'm about one week into the 2ww.
dakipode - I hope you are doing ok. I agree with everyone else that this a fine place to share you're feelings whatever they may be. Thinking of you.
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