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mylilmonkeys--Thank you for your reply.  It seems like you and I are in similar situations.
Yes, I am talking about the car seat carriers that snap in and out of a base.  With my other children we used convertible car seats that can be used with infants down to 5 pounds.  Since I have had three healthy full term pregnancies, I am hoping to carry these babies full term and that they will be over 5 pounds.  My first was 9 lb 5 oz, my second 8 lb 13 oz and my third 8 lb 9 oz, so I'm hoping the odds are in my favor for big, healthy twins--of course I know that...
I have three children, 2, 3 and 6.  I didn't use car seat carriers with my children (I tried one briefly with my oldest and hated it--I injured my back and felt like it was the most awkward device ever devised by man).  There are a lot of other reasons that I dislike car seat carriers, but mostly, I preferred to hold my little ones as much as possible and I've never seen car seat carriers as anymore than an inconvenience.    However, now that I am 21 weeks pregnant...
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