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Thanks for joining us here, Stacey!  I hope you find useful information there. 
I've never heard of Veronica Shoffstall, I'll have to check her out.
Hello and welcome.  I miss having an RV, but we ended up selling ours after our second was born. Enjoy the Mothering board!
I am reopening this thread.  I have removed some of the posts if they were in violation of the User Agreement which prohibits name calling.  Also, please to follow the guidelines on not listed in the forum description.  Needing to find information about waivers or exemptions falls within the limits of what can be discussed here.  However, Mothering will not host discussions on how to falsify documents. 
This is interesting, but I don't think I understand the yogurt that has milk but no lactose?  Is the lactose broken down by the fermentation?   I might try the Harcombe thing.  I'm not really into dieting, but I really want to eat more vegetables and cut out starches, and I'm addicted to starch, especially if it's fried in oil.  I ate half a bag of plantain chips today.
I generally try and discourage it by closing my mouth when I realize that's how it's going, because I figure a baby will put his fingers in my mouth, then in his mouth, and I feel like I have a lot of bacteria that he doesn't need...I'm sure he'll get it eventually, but, you know, why rush it.
And, of course, we don't know whether our children will want to remain the gender we think they were born with, so we shouldn't get too invested in a gender identity anyway. 
Hello and welcome!
 I am a firm believer that a parent is the child's first teacher, and that school is just a jumping off point for learning.  There may not be adequate time in the classroom to teach as thoroughly as a child may need, which I discovered when I had to teach my child math in different ways.  But I realize that I am in a privileged situation to have this time, and I see children who are in school and before and after care and don't have the same amount of time at home, and may...
That is interesting, Miranda. I ended up having my 9 year old in therapy for several months because she was always so angry, and I wanted to have something like ADHD ruled out.  She would often throw her tantrums while doing homework, and I did record her several times so I could give the therapist an idea of what we were facing.  The biggest issue we had with her was her angry outbursts, and then blaming things on everyone else.  She will still do that, and I am not...
New Posts  All Forums: