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Our local heath food store has little glass bottles w/ spray lids.
Wow!! You are on a roll! I bet it feels great to have cleared out all that clutter. Plus you made $2000! That is awesome!
Thanks for asking this question! I need some suggestions too. I have no idea what to use on my hardwood. I have two little boys and a very furry dog, so my floor really gets dirty quickly.
I took Lovenox during two pregnancies and no one ever mentioned to me that it makes babies grow bigger than normal. Of course, this was never a concern of mine because I knew that I would not make it to full term anyway. I delivered Aaron at 34 weeks and he weighed 5lb 14oz. Colton was born at 37 weeks and was 6lb 1oz.
You need to check out Delight's homes. She's made her tiny apartments into beautiful homes. I get TONS of inspiration from looking at her creations! Look here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=delight http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=delight http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=delight
Quote: Originally Posted by Nunny What do you do about gifts still in the package???? I don't want the foot spa thingy my bro gave my, the baby-food maker, bread maker, pasta maker, milkshake maker. All of these are still in the box that seem too good to just give away, or get a buck for at the garage sale. But, re-gifting seems wrong.......... Help! craigslist.org
I use mine for handsoap in a foaming dispenser. I just put a little (maybe 1/4" )in the bottom of the bottle and it works great. I use it as an all purpose cleaner too, in a spray bottle w/ water & white vinegar. I've also used it to clean my hardwood floors. After everyone's suggestions, I'm going to try it on my face too.
Great job clearing out that clutter! We just did this a couple of weeks ago - sold a bunch of clutter at my mom's yard sale - and we made $90. I was pretty happy with that since it was stuff I was going to donate to Goodwill anyway. Hope your yard sale is a huge success!
When I got mine I had to go to a medical supply store and they required that my physician fax them a prescription for them. They measured my leg to make sure I got the right size and I think my physician had to specify a certain compression strength. Mine are made by Kendall. The are "full foot". At first I was given "open toe" stockings and they were awful. They had a lot of extra fabric in the foot and had a large hole. I was told that this was so it was easier...
Quote: Originally Posted by avengingophelia I don't have kids, but my animals have peed on mattresses before, and this stuff is a lifesaver. I used this on a mattress that my 2 yo had an accident on and it worked wonders! It doesn't smell near as strongly as the Nature's Miracle brand that I've tried before. I highly recommend it!
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