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Congratulations!! lots of love and support about the breastfeeding, trouble shooting and figuring it out will become a way of life for a while, keep a good support network close- we've all been there, surround yourself with those who will lift you up!
I have been knitting for new baby - here is my ravelry album of all my nummy sweaters and socks and diapers and such for baby http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Alohaparenting
I think I had a table for a minute with my first baby, but this is baby number five- no tables since we quickly sold the one we had with our first before she even a few months old. I have my cloth diapers upstairs in a dresser, I have a new Magic Stick for new baby's butt.... I have not lanolized the wool diapers or washed the newborn diapers yet... need to do that Have not made my wipe solution yet...
Thank you, you are right.   The kids are so into their gardens and their animals and each other- they are not the ones lamenting over missing anything.  And...I have let go of that guilt this week watching them build fort after fort and blaze their own trails into their wilderness here thank you for helping and listening
Thanks!  I have never had lamb before either, so I can not say. I have heard folks say that it does not taste like lamb, more like venison.  I have been raised on venison, and did not find it similar to venison imo.... it had its own flavor- not sure what to compare it to.  I did not think it was a strong gamey flavor though, it was mild imo   I will have to look up a marsala recipe- thank you!
DH switched to a safety razor over a year ago and I have been meaning to get him a good old fashioned shave set. Father's day is looming, I guess it is about time I got on that What shaving soaps and brushes do your DHs like?  seen any that looked good online?   Lehmans has some brushes, but since I am not a dude who uses them already, not sure I see some nice home made soaps in cups on etsy as well- would love to hear what your Dhs have tried and liked
We made goat for dinner, our first time trying our first goat raised and butchered on our farm. And... it was good! I picked out goat chops, marinated them in lemon, soy and honey. Then made a satay sauce to go over of butter and onion with curry, soy, lemon, salsa, brown sugar and peanut butter fried together, served over hot. Fried the chops 5 minutes each side- and served with taters. I was pleased to learn that yes, sam, I DO like goat meat   What other goat meat...
I asked the kids about doing something over the weekend, they looked at me like I was crazy and said " but  dad will be home- we should really work on some stuff around here" glad they are loving it as much as I am and I shouldn't worry when they are so joyful
So cool!  We are growing all our own food on our farm this year, enough for my family and enough veggies and meat for two other families.  We raise our own dairy animals and make our own dairy products.  We spin our own fiber, my nine year old is quite good at it, and enjoy knitting and creating our own clothing. If we did not make it, it is a hand me down or from thrift... maybe from a mama clothing swap where we all get together and share our kids used clothing, toys...
oh my goodness, you hit the nail right on head thank you for that perspective I would not want the gymnastics or the soccer or any of that stuff, that is not what our goals are- I guess it is just that twinge of guilt or worry or something of if my kids will wish they had not missed out on all that stuff- but you are right, they are not complaining they are so happy. I grew up on a farm, we never took vacations, we never did sports or music etc- and I do not regret...
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