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Our Big Leaf Maples are gushing!! We just carried in gallon after gallon of maple water!! I am so so so so so SO excited! The girls and I were just cheering with each 'glug glug' as we emptied all our containers! We have more trees to tap this weekend! So exciting!
for those of you with LGDs, do you keep one or two with your herds?  I am going to to check one out in the morning (pyrenese/marammma cross) He is about a year old, but will not have a partner till I find another good fit we have other farm dogs, but not LGD
Congratulations! Twins!   I have my first appointment tommarow. I am not feeling great about it  
Depending on what part of labor, I am not able to be emotionally aviable  to my kids while i am labor, I can not have them coming for a hug or a snuggle or asking me anything- while I am in labor I can not pull myself out of my primal place to mother, I need to just stay in my place so... for labor I like to have another adult here who can answer questions, bake a birthday cake with the kids and just be there for snuggling that is what happened for one home birth, my...
Transitioning from 0 to 1 was life changing from 1 to 2  was noticable from 2 to 3 was barely a wave from 3 to 4 was hardly a ripple   It will be  different- but it will be great :)  There will be some hard spots, but I bet you will have the best diaper fetcher ever!
so moody man, I was so giddy earlier tonight had a nice day and now- I am seeing red- i am in such a crabby awful *itchy mood  
It's 4 am and I am logging out on... Mango ,hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut(naturally fermented home grown _ my pickles are too) pickles,, paperback cheese and raspberry jam, and I have a potato baking will put sunflower seeds and raisins on it and I want fried zucchini and I want steamed kale with rice pudding
Hello and congratulations everyone! Fun to read everyone's intros. I am Kelly 32 years old and expecting my 5th - I think in September. This was the first egg out of the hatch after my last baby so I am not 100 percent on conception. But with DH s deployments and holidays I am guessing. I am planning another homebirth. I have four girls -ages 9,6,4,1. And it super annoys me when people ask if we are trying for a boy- tive heard that for years now and wow is it...
That's how I see it - not for me but for some legal paperwork, I need to decide how many compromises to make for admin. The ultrasounds don't offer anything I need personally and just give some thing for legal to cling to
I am also one of those fighting as I go way overdue with babies. Always adds so much stress at the end ((hugs)) and cheers to luck this time!
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