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If they are friends you want in your life, try to be compassionate and kind.  Honestly my public schooling friends have been amazing support for me for homeschooling, they do not judge me or compare my kiddos to theirs. There are also so many amazing homeschool support groups out there.  Count your friends as your blessings homeschooling or not.   I think all parents day dream about what parenting will look like before they have kids.  And when I had one kid I had...
Tonight mine is in CS Lewis book series     In the Well Trained Mind they have a pretty cool book list suggestion as well and our library had a full suggestion list based on what level and interests my daughter has   My daughter also likes Geronimo Stilton - they are light and comic booky like almost, mixed pictures and graphics in the books    
:P love the dirt pile
what breed or mix is your family cow, what other kinds have you tried, I would love to hear your thoughts on what kind of cow to look at   I am looking at Dexters right now, but want a dual purpose heritage breed I am thinking she will be hand milked daily, so a nice mellow sweet breed that my kiddos can enjoy too   i was thinking yaks even- but really don't have any experiance whatsoever with yaks
Hello from the PNW!  I have a pretty pair of muscovies you can have if you want to take a drive up to Bremerton area- otherwise in your neck of the woods there are some really nice farms raising some really nice scovy ducks too   We have had several types of ducks over the years and always love our muscovies the best   they are such great mamas, my Old Hen has hatched mothered from 18 ducklings to baby chicks too- such wonderful mamas, and my Old Hen also acts as...
I am so happy to hear it Sarah!!! Congratulations!!!!! I read your whole story, not knowing it was you till I saw the pics, I am just so happy for you and your family!!!! - Kelly in WA
Sending you birthy energy!!
sending birthy energy your way mama
I remember 7-8 years ago while we were expecting our first my husband and I had a note book of all these things that we felt we needed, we shopped and shopped and price searched and researched and we had a baby shower, and we budgeted for the things we felt were so special on our shoe string newly wed budget... it gives me goosebumps to remember all those wonderful pregnant walks we took just making all these plans, debating how to set up a nursery, it was wonderful, and...
Name: Kelly EDD:-beginning of August ish age:30 location: Kitsap co, WA what child :#4 family: me, hubby, three kiddos running around birth plan: at home      
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