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I made all the adults who are here read chapter 31 of Birthing from Within-- the chapter about labor ettitquite Thank you for the support and wisdom mamas- it really helped to vent, still nothing with baby- but it really really does help to hear a confident baby will coem when baby is ready and NOTHING will stop contractions when it is their time- thank you!
Thank you ladies for this thread, I appreciate that everyone is so open and honest about their feelings, yet at teh same time, not drugded in negativity-- I am working so hard on not getting bogged down with negative comments and thoughts Thank you for sharing yourselves, and helping me find words and a place for my own feelings My DH is definatly my biggest stresser right now. He just got home from a deployment, and i know it takes him some time to adjust to not being...
That is wonderful news!! Thank you for sharing your positive energy!!:
the exam went something like... " well.. you are closed-- ooo wait-- I think I can get one finger- " Thanks for the tips I did get a grip on my calm and renegotiated being patient again last night
I am concentrating on staying calm, I am a melting yeilding candle, I have a core of strength and a warm, melting yeilding - melting away with each contraction, I am sitting in a warm bath sorrunded by warmth and strength, enjoying my strong and effective conrtactions, enjoying my visulazations of my candle strength with my beautiful candle burning knock knock "hey- what are you doing in there?" I hum back "Im in here, Im buzzzzy" the steam is helping my body to warm...
I know babies come on their time.... I know... I can be patient... I can and I will.... that was my mantra untill mw offered to strip my membranes today- I am 41 weeks on Sunday- I was all about it- she said it would be uncomfortable, and it was not at all for me, but I was not dialated yet at all, and 50%- this is my third baby, so I am not putting a terrible lot of stock in that- but am so ready to meet my baby So! We stripped today- and I bought some evening...
Thanks for the information- I am over 40 weeks, trying to be patient, should i expect a lot from this? Maybe I want to do something a little more as well
It is certainly differant with each baby, with my first I felt a lot of contractions long before hand- now with number three, very little activity... or maybe I am too busy running after one and two to be as in tuned LOL But I miss them too- last night I had some good activity for a short time and then again tonight I start and stop labor for days with my first two- over and over again and each time it has been intense enough that I wonder if it is really it- I love how...
Thank you ladies, very helpful! I appreciate the input and having folks to bounce this off of
Thank you for sharing your story! You planted the seed for me to continue my research and look up someone to encapsole for me! Thank you!
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