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What a lovely name for your son, I love the name Kai - and like the dyn added- I pronounced it wrong as well, but I failed that part of english studies too- so do not count my opinion too highly
Hi ladies! My holy crap thread- sorry I have not been posting regularily- but here is the doozy for me I did CBC blood tests at the beginning of the my pregnancy, not anemic and i did one in July, it took a short while to get to my midwife, but now that she has it in hand she has called me to let me know i am "a hare's breath" away from loosing my homebirth becuase my level between nine and ten I am finding that is pretty anemic, and I have two weeks to get my levels...
We are so not ready over here yet! Waiting on a deployment to be over yet, and the house is a mess, and yeah... so not ready:
there are some great resources about nursing tandum, your baby will provide what your newborn needs, and you have little to worry about with an older one nursing as well, remember it is supply and demand- do you know how to get in touch with LLL? My first was at my 2nds birth and my 1st and 2nd will be at my 3rds birth- since this is where we all live, I don't know where else they would be. But I do have my parents flying in to be emotionally avaiable to my kids, they...
My hubby is military, so he was out to sea, so I sent him Birthing From Within to do along with me and we talked about it through letters and such. He did it for me, and to connect and bond- and discover if we were both on the same page. BUT the book he actually liked the most - and I sent him several to read- he liked 'some' of Ina May- but some of it was too beating of the drums for him- he liked Emergancy Childbirth-- now this does not sound like something that you...
I love my becos! They are the same type of carrier as an ergo is, those are both soft structored carriers The beco is taller, comes in more patterns, made in the US by a WAHM, beco has a differant hood... go with the one you could see yourself using more
When we were pregant with our Kathleen Monet, if she were to have been a boy we found Aiden and did not know any other Aidens- now holy cow, we meet Aidens all the time( I still love that name) We had picked Gabriel or Giovanni for a boy, but seeing Gaberiel on the list sort of nudges me to Giovanni a bit more. If we have a girl she will be an Arcelia, I have not met anyone with that name yet. Kathleen goes by katie as do SO many other little girls, and after hanging out...
I just needed to say thank you again for sharing mamas! I so need to hear these stories! I feel terrible how I feel twards my dear sweet daughter at night, I am glad it sounds normal and am not just some scarey bad mom timebomb of annoyance waiting to explode if she twittles my other nipple one more time! Thank you! Thank you!
While we were moving this last month, we stayed at a hotel with a cable TV, and caught the 2nd half of this program about a twin who had a batched circ, so his parents desided to make him a girl? I cried the entire show. I am still in disbelief, and recently said something about this to a freind who said, that this still takes place. Really?
With Katie I was lucky to feel a kick or bump every once in a while- this kid never stops! I keep saying I have a soccer team in there!
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