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Quote: Originally Posted by dbsam How much agave nectar do you use per amount of rice? Ummm ... enough that it tastes sweet? I have read that agave nectar is 3 times as sweet as sugar, so you don't need huge amounts of it. Just mix it to taste. I'd say, a couple of squirts? dm
Quote: Originally Posted by VegHipMama I erroneously assumed it was another example of trying to bait me by not answering my question directly Interesting, as I have been feeling all along that it is you who are baiting us by refusing to do the simple work of having a look-see yourself. If you care what the anti-adoption sites say, if you sincerely feel the need to make sure that we're not just talking out of our a$$es, go do some reading. This...
The kids are really loving baked sweet potatoes stuffed with "sweet rice" (brown rice mixed with agave nectar). I've been serving it with celery sticks and pb and some sort of fresh fruit. dm
In the long run, no, because I hope it will force changes. But in the short term, it hurts. Dh and I have been kicking around using public transit more. The problem is, where dh works, the bus only comes once an hour. If he misses the bus, he has to wait another HOUR to get the next one, and it's a 35-minute ride home. He wouldn't get home until after 7 pm. For me, I don't drive a lot. It's mostly short trips near home. Buying a bus pass for me and all three of my...
My daughter is 13. She came to us at 11. She has HIV and her eating habits are atrocious. I was very concerned and spent 2 years forcing her to eat/eat well. It caused never-ending problems between us. I finally told her, "I have spent two years talking to you about nutrition and healthy eating habits. I have spent two years battling with you over food. You are on your own now. If you have questions I will gladly answer them, but from now on I am not saying a word about...
I corresponded with a woman who runs and anti-adoption website for about 2 weeks a few years ago. Her stated aim was to make adoption illegal and replace it with legal guardianship. dm
Quote: Originally Posted by SachaMacina How on earth did she get in there? Yeah, I wondered that too. We have three drawers in the kitchen. The front fell off the bottom drawer, so it's essentially open. The kitten got into that drawer and then climbed up behind the drawers and into the top drawer.
I don't think that it's a domestic vs. international, newborn vs. older child issue. I think the issue is that it is wrong to artificially limit the possibility of families and children coming together. It doesn't matter whether there are more potential adoptive parents than there are domestic newborns available or whether it's a Christian organization working overseas. Putting up artificial barriers to families coming together is, simply, wrong. dm
Quote: Originally Posted by mom4emnxani There is actually theory surrounding this 'division'. I'm not sure that this type of thing "started" there. My 13 year old, who came to us from Ethiopia 2 years ago, talks about "black" and "white" people in Ethiopia ... meaning dark-skinned and light-skinned African Ethiopians. There's a color bias in Ethiopia, too, that has nothing to do with slavery. dm
I love to eat nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc. However, usually I get diarrhea after eating them. Usually it happens fairly quickly. Is this common? What could be the cause? Is it a problem? dm
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