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Hi All!   I'm 7-8 dpo and got a bfn from the doc on a urine pg test - am I out for the month? Is there still hope??? Feeling a bit down about it... i thought this was going to be our month!
Hi All,   Just wondering how long until I should seek medical help for fertility issues.. I'm becoming quite frustrated each month with the BFN's...
Thanks for your input! We timed things pretty well - so I'm hopnig it's our month!   I usually don't have any mid-cycle spotting (I had a little bit more today) - so it's very strange for me
The 2WW is making me crazy!!! I'm only 5 dpo and I feel like I'm over-analyzing every little thing! (and also googling every single thing)   I even took a test today- which OBVIOUSLY came back BFN (it's waaaay too early) but I just couldn't help myself!
I don't know too much about implantation - but I have heard that it usually happens between 7-10 dpo. After implantation is normally when most pg symptoms would start because that's when hcg starts being released.Before this happens, most symptoms are due to the increase progesterone.   Back to your question - what does implantation feel like? I've heard it feels like cramping, sometimes accompanied by spotting - but some women (a majority, actually) don't feel it at...
Hi! I'm new to the site, but hoping to get some advice!   I O'd on Friday: I've been charting BBT and using OPK, so I'm at 5 dpo. I've been having cramping 4-5 dpo and today had pink CM after BM (sorry TMI).   Am I out for the month? Anyone know what's going on? I think it may be too early for IB...
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