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My name is Lauren. when i was in school there were like 5 other laurens around me all the time so when i had my first i wanted a unique name. DH and me couldnt decide until i read a certain comic book run we both decided on Harvey. It means Battle Ready. So ofcourse we had to pair it with something equally awesome. He's Harvey Tomahawk. Then we wanted to keep running with the weapon names and were planning out names well before actually planning on another child. we wanted...
Hello All!  I am in the Winter Park/Casselberry area but am soon relocating to Altamonte Springs. I am new to this site as well, never posted in a forum like this before. I am having a hard time finding like-minded mommas in the area. I have a 3 yo son and a babe due in december. my boy is un-vac and intact and its pretty amazing the response some moms including most of my family members gave me on that. It would be nice to get together with other moms and not be treated...
i love my ergo!!!! saved my life!!!
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