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sometimes its just her and her ducky,sometimes me and her and her ducky and also there is dad,her,ducky and me!!you gotta love it!!!We have a community tub!! Lori
In the first year I did'nt really care if we did or not.This last month though,has been nuts,DH is gone all week so that kind of sucks but when he gets home on the wekends LOOKOUT.I tell him he can't keep up to me he says he's out of practice,I say he's just getting"older"(he!he!he!) I wonder if good old mother nature is trying to tell us something like"maybe it's time for another babe!!?"Who knows,I geuss we'll wait and see!! Lori
Thanx for taking time to answer my silly question.I'm just not real familiar how these boards work.I geuss I'm kind of behind in the times!!I think I'll try to practice the age old advice"practice makes perfect". Lori
Sorry about this silly question and I know that someone else already asked about the envelopes and faces but I was wondering what I am doing wrong,cause I seem to get the envelope with the dot in the middle of it every time start a new thread . Thanx, Lori
I used to knit with my grandma but I have'nt done it in years.I would like to try again.I saw a program on tv that said knitting is almost as good as meditating.Awesome eh!I geuss now is a good time to start since I know that I need some good old DEEP RELAXATION!! Lori
Me and my guy are'nt married.When DD was born he gave me the option of what I wanted.I decided that she would have both of our names(it's kind of long)but thats ok.We decided that when she gets older that if she wants to drop one of the names that would be totally cool.
Thanx for those yummy recipes.I think I'll try the potatoe leek for supper tonight!!!! Lori
I was also wondering about the spin brushes.I have a 15 month old who loves my spin brush,but my concern is if it would hurt her developing enamel. Lori
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