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I've thought about posting a "Dailys" list.... If I did, it would go something like this:Days hubby works in the morning, I usually have a couple failed attempts to get out of bed starting around 5 because Little Miss Thing wakes up so easily. I have to either come back or stay and nurse her.I get up, take my temperature and blood pressure, write that and any relevant health things in my journal, brush my teeth, weigh myselfm then turn up the heat.I make either tea...
Been so busy, I haven't been posting. We had a thrown together mediocre chicken noodle salad. Using up left overs though. Made Chicken soup with left overs yesterday, and Bread machine bread. Took most of it to my in laws, they all had a stomach bug or food poisoning.
My MIL has an MSM obsession at the moment. It's helped a lot of people she's got on it. I have to be careful with it though, it messes up my already delicate digestion system. It's good for cell renewal, and your gut's cells already turn over quickly, so it's supposed to be really good for Crohn's. I want to love it! :)   Today: Got up without interruption for a full hour - AMAZING Read my Bible Got hubby off to work Graded more algebra than I wanted but she's doing...
Tonight we're having Freezer Stash Chili and some GF bread I'll probably toast.
I haven't touched my wool longies in weeks.
Thank you, Maria. I had 2 good nights of sleep, then last night she was up on an average, 2 times an hour. I think she's getting close on at least one tooth. PLEASE BREAK THROUGH!! And of course it is a shopping day today. And I have no chauffeur anymore. Hubby got a car I could drive so he doesn't have to carry me around. Lol So today Got hubby off to work Read my Bible, wrote my grocery list out in the order I shop the store Nursed the babe off and on for...
Tonight will probably make me sick, but it was a shipping day and I'm exhausted. I had a 2/1 coupon for whoppers. They remind me of my Oma, they were her favorite American food.
Have I ever mentioned how tired you guys make me? Lol It took 2 spoons to read from where I left off the other day! :)   Today, and the past few days for that matter, have been low key. Survive is the name of the game. She's teething. Again. Tooth #13, but the 8th since January. No wonder we're worn out. But I also have been having an allergic reaction and (maybe because of that) lower blood pressure and a higher heart rate. So as I said, survival mode. Only doing the...
Esg, I was taking 60 mg of p5p form of B6 every day.
We had a couple nights of left overs since I was sick. I made steak on the grill and au graten potatoes Thurs to welcome in spring. Today we had pork chops, Mac and cheese (gf) and applesauce. Tomorrow I have chicken and dumplings planned.
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