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I'm not too far from you - in Mtn House.. but have you checked out La Leche League? I think both Stockton and Lodi have chapters and they may have playgroups, etc.  
I had a PPH after my first birth (which was at a birth center).. so I too was worried about it my second (and third) time around :)    My midwife had a great plan for me that made me feel at ease with birth again - everything from watching weight gain (so uterus was smaller, I guess?) to visualization (seeing my uterus clamp down) to herbs (don't remember which but she gave me a bunch after the birth).  My second birth I did bleed a good bit still, but she had pitocin...
My dd#2 night woke every 2 hours til she was 2.  I feel your pain!!  Motherwear.com's blog just reviewed a children's book on nightweaning actually.. could help! The book is called Nursies When the Sun Shines...www.nursiesbook.com
Hi! You could read your little one this book - it's about nightweaning :)  It's written from an AP perspective and talks about nursing being for daytime, sleeping at night...the art is beautiful :) Nursies When the Sun Shines Nightweaning children's book.. www.nursiesbook.com  
I am really sorry your first birth experience turned out that way... hugs to you for that.  I can understand your feeling angry that there's a lot of talk about hb being wonderful when it wasn't for you your first time.   I guess what I would say to you is that every baby, every pregnancy, every birth is so different.. and just because you had that experience with your first, doesn't mean that if you tried to hb again, it would happen again.  When you decide to have...
I have heard from many friends who've delivered at Kaiser Walnut Creek that they have at least one birthing tub, and that they'll let you labor in it, but not birth in it. Not sure what they'd do if you refused to get out
Hi everyone, I'm planning a "home away from homebirth" for the birth of my third child in October. I couldn't find a midwife and backup doctor situation that I felt comfortable with up here in the Bay Area, so I'm going back down to LA to have my baby with the amazing midwife that helped catch baby #2. We have family down there, but no one has a place for me, the 2 kids, the cats (have to bring em) and my husband to stay - we're planning on being there from 37 weeks...
I live in Mountain House which is well, not close to Silicon Valley... but lots of people commute there from here. There's also a commuter train stop relatively close by. Mountain House is a new community - about 6 years old. Master planned. I like it for a bunch of reasons: 1) the houses look more east coast/midwest. 2) the houses are incredibly reasonably priced; most right now are in the 300s, or less. We bought ours (3 yrs old 2K sq ft) late last year for 290K. ...
Check out pediatricalternatives http://www.pediatricalternatives.com/main_page.html I hear raves about them
My friend and due date buddy is using Awakenings and loves them... they are totally working with her as far as $..... http://www.awakeningsbirthservices.c...hServices.html
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