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What can I say - it drives me NUTS! My older son (now 5) didn't do this at all. He self-weaned at age 12 months without a problem. My younger boy, well that's a different story. He's 22 months, still nursing at night, keeping me awake, (and I work pt) he has never liked a pacifier or a soother, I don't know what to transition him too?? In a few evenings they are both sleeping over at their grandparents house and we're going to have a night out together like in the olden...
I need to wean my 18 mo old. How do I accomplish this???? He has never had a bottle or a soother. I tried both just yesterday - he didn't like them at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by spsmom wow, Arien, are you sure you weren't describing my son? IT is really exactly like you described. we have lost all patience. Misery loves company. Yes he's my first & oldest son. I guess it's that.
I was going to start a thread about this, but my 4 year old son does this constantly and IT DRIVES ME TO THE END OF MY ROPE! Not just the constant always asking for more and more and more and more no matter what he is given/earns. But what DRIVES me totally batty - and I have reached THE END of all patience, is when he refuses/is incapable of backing down, he always has to have the last word. The thing escalates and I end up getting really really angry at him. I tell...
Please recommend me decent breast pads. i've tried gerber disposables - worthless and now I'm on to commercially available washable ones but they don't work they leak all over the place and i change them often. thanks.
I am sure my son is hitting me, kids at school because he is usually present when I have an argument with my husband. Can't help it though, we have two kids, and no time for each other,.
My son has lately been an absolute demonchild. Hitting me, hitting kids at school. I punish him by making him sit in a chair (literally feet away from me - not far) or by sending him to his room. Both work as in - he doesn't like either and scream bloody murder. But he still continues with the bad bad behaviour. Am also at wits end. Age 3 1/2 - four has been a nightmare. Apparently it just gets worse.
My newborn has pimply skin on his face only, is this normal? I know it's normal for newborns to have spotty skin, but why only on his face? I wash it twice a day with a washcloth, no soap just warm water....
OMG tell me about it, it's impossibly hard to juggle 2 of them. My older son (4) told me he hated me because there was no snack at the playgroup we went to. I was so shocked by what he said, I have to admit I wanted to slap him actually, that I spurted out the first thing which regrettably was "I hate you too". Ugh that was so damaging. Later on, he told his father...it was terrible. everyone around here is still trying to figure out the new routine, my older son said he...
I named my boy Sacha too!
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