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My son was born in August so I don't know any other way! I didn't mind it so much, I would rather be hot and go swimming than be freezing and stuck inside.
BBerryBliss, due August 18th. This will be my second child (4th pregnancy) My son just turned 9, so it is a large age gap, but I'm really excited.
I've already told my closest friends who I trust to support me if something should go wrong. I have a very high chance of miscarriage due to some health issues. I won't tell family until past 13 weeks. Hopefully I can hold off and hide until 20 weeks, which would be my ideal.
No idea but this has been happening to me recently as well ( the last 3 cycles).
I just stop ours during the cycle and let it sit. I have an extra water feature with mine as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by seraf We turned the sides of ours into an indoor drying rack. Us too!
Most cast iron is made to withsatnd the tempuratures of a camp fire. I would not reccomend putting it deep inside the raging fire or anything, but they are made to work over a real fire. Which is why most good camping pots/pans/griddles/dutch ovens are cast iron.
When you are drying it out in the oven, rub the oil on first, it will keep the rust from coming back. Thats part of seasoning it.
Mine started out like that, but now it is a beautiful black shiny color almost like cast iron. I have never been shy about getting it wet to clean it, but only when it is completely cooled off, and of course never with soap, just hot water and a flat edge scraper.
Our microwave (it opens up more counter space by having it there) and the popcorn! that's it. It tends to collect things and I do my best to clean it off once or twice a week.
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