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Hoping that some of you in MN have dealt with this before. My daughter is partially vaccinated, she's up to date on those vaxes we decided to give, others we have no intention of giving. I was just going to have a notarized letter sent along to school, but then I read this: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/i...exemption.html If I'm reading this correctly, Conscientious Objection all or nothing, correct? Any ideas on what I can do? Just file an exemption and...
Thank you for all of your suggestions!! I'm going to look for some of the homeopathic rememdies today. Problem is I'm in a bit of a erm, back hole, lol. There isnt much here in the way of co-ops or natural food stores (on vacation visiting family).
Hoping some mama's out there might have advice for me and my little one who gets carsick. It's gotten pretty bad lately, projectile vomiting all over the car. Short or long trip, doesn't seem to matter. Our ped suggested: * Turn car seat forward facing. DD is 14 months old and not 20 lbs, no way am I even considering this one. * Feed her gingered foods...gingersnaps or ginger ale. I'm not crazy about feeding my 14 month old cookies and soda, but if it helps I...
I loved my old HMO (insurance through the state of WI). Cost $55 per month for full family coverage, no deductibles, no co-insurance, no co-pays. All RX were $5 or $15. I could see any doctor, any time for any reason within the network. I'm now home with the kiddos, we're covered through DH's plan, for the PPO we pay: $245 per paycheck, $490 a month. This does include about $26 bi-weekly or vision and dental. $300 out of pocket deductible, $3000 max cap where...
I personally love my Mulitples Club. Yeah, it's mainstream, but I'm so over getting upset about what other people do to raise their children. Members know that I have AP/natural family type leanings and can come to me with any questions. We have 300 members, over 100 people attend meetings and the bi-annual sale is a fantastic way to get rid of the stuff that seems to come along with twins. I take what I need from the club and leave the rest.
Same here. My daughter had colic, reflux, etc. Months 2 and 3 were hell on earth. She was worn in a sling all...day...long. Screamed for 3+ hours every night. My son was a dream. Wake, eat, sleep. Happy as can be. Napped 2 out of every 3 hours til about 4 months old. Put himself to sleep etc. I did feel like I neglected him. He felt more like my husband's baby than mine. Now he's a hellion, or one in the making. My daughter is a total love, very mild. ...
If you think my hands are full you should see my heart!!
Honda Odyssey. Initial configuration was infant carriers in bench seat in the back row. Took out one captains chair and installed DD's Britax Marathon (rear facing) in reamining captians chair. Extra floor space was great for diaper changes, nursing, etc. Now the twins (little over a year) are in captain chairs, older DD is in the middle of the back forward facing.
Dude, not a single dish gets loaded into the dishwasher during the day. Granted my babies are a year and mobile, but the very sound of the dishwasher opening is like a child magnet. YourFace - Kinda ballsey to come here and reply to your significant other. I was going to suggest she just "surprise" you one weekend day and just leave you with the kiddos for the day. You can really get a feel for how crazy it is.
Another D-cuper here. I have good luck with dresses that have a deeper v-neck with a faux wrap styling. If modesty is an issue, you can always put a cami underneath. Along the lines of this. Stretchy materials are better too, has a little give to fit over the girls. Adding to the D cup issues is that I'm 5'2", on a good day. And petite women never ever have curves.
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