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Thanks so much!!!
Moving to Nacogdoches in mid August and will be 20 Weeks. Anyone have recommendations for a midwife? Lay midwife would be great too
We love the covers from Chunky Monkey Products on facebook. I have tons of covers of all different brands and my CMP are my favorite.
I don't yet know how to contact anyone privately on here but my cell is 540-784-5934 & my email is firebgone576@yahoo.com. I would appreciate any guidance anyone can provide. In Virginia we never had a problem lol, there are midwives every where out there lol.
New to NE and discovering very quickly that the hospital and OBs in the North Platte area are.just barbaric and the C-sect rate is way too high. We are looking for a homebirthing midwife to assist with our birth in January. Underground is OK! I really don't want to have to fly one out from the East Coast just to homebirth, but I will if that's what it takes. Any information you guys can lend would be great. We have found one in Grand Island but we really don't want the...
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