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Dakipode, Fingers crossed for you that this is your month!   Skeemama, Baby dust to you, I hope you get your BFP!   Sweetmama, When you are signed in to FF, go to the "Sharing" drop down menu, and under "Charting Home Page", click Setup - this will give you a link to share your chart. HTH!   Anyalily, Wishing you strength and peace of mind during this 2WW!  I share your fears of vomitting.  I've lived with IBS all my life that gives me tremendous nausea and...
Welcome, fellow Ontarian!!!
Welcome, LittleKind!! I hope your stay with us is short and uneventful!
Thanks for the new thread, Mayday! I'm happy to take over thread management for you, and hey maybe I'll get some of that thread keepers' luck passed on!
TwilightJoy, I hope this is the month for you!!!
I tested and got a BFN Oh well, I wasn't really expecting anything else. At least now I know, and we can keep trying this cycle.
I had a minor mental breakdown on Wednesday too.. must be something in the air.   I hope you're doing ok!
I'm not sure this is helpful, but I went in for a foley catheter induction at 40+5 at 11:30pm or so. I woke up at 1:45am with a huge gush and my first contractions, and that was how my labor started.  When I got to the hospital I was 3 or 4cm dilated already.   Good luck, mama, I hope this time around goes better for you!!
Ok, I'm convinced. I'm going to take a test tomorrow or Sunday (not sure I'll be able to get to the drug store tonight and I want to use FMU).    Ok, one more update before I drive myself completely insane.  I took my temp this morning, as starting tracking for the cycle I think I'm starting, and it was 36.08 (celsius), which is around where my temps were post-O the last month I charted.. don't your temps stay elevated if you're pg??   My pre-O temps were all below...
Ok, I'm going to buy a test tonight and test tomorrow morning.  I am really scared of what the result will be for some reason... I'd obviously love a BFP, I guess I'm just scared to see  a BFN. =(     Welcome, MyName!!  I hope your stay with us is short and uneventful!
New Posts  All Forums: