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Yes, I have seen those digital pregnancy test - I think they're ClearBlue brand.
Pokey, good luck to you!!  I hope you get your BFP soon!   Hippiemom, I'm sorry about AF. It does suck.   Milk8shake, My cousin swore by those smiley OPK sticks.. I think I'll go pick some up for myself.   And I hear you with the PMS, I am VERY unpleasant to be around!! lol
  Thanks so much, magoodoggy =)   Stevi, I say go for it!!  Fingers and toes are crossed for you!!   Ok ladies, I am SO confused with my body right now, and I need some opinions.   My cycle is always 32 days.  As you know, I had spotting from cd 25-27, then heavier bleeding on cd 28, which I took to be my period... 4 days early (very strange). My periods are ALWAYS 4 days in length.. 2 days of heavy flow, 1 day of medium flow, and the last day is light flow, and on the...
I don't have experience with a dog doing this, but during my first pregnancy, our cats became VERY interested in me.  None of them were lap cats, but all of a sudden all three of them were vying for attention, and a spot on my lap to sit.  So, yes, I do think that animals can sense pregnancy.
  Poogles, I was speaking from personal experience only. I had an epidural because I was terrified of the pain, and I didn't know whether or not I could push a baby out. My mom had two labors and two c-sections due to failure to progress.. she just didn't dilate for either my brother or myself, despite 24+ hours of labor.   I was never trying to be insulting, just putting it out there that I'm sure there are other women in the world that share the fears that I had.
Thanks for bringing this thread back up to the top, Dakipode.  Practicing gratitude is something I really need more of right now.   I am eternally grateful to have a community of like-minded women to speak to and share my concerns, fears, and silly symptom spotting with.   I am grateful that I am still gainfully employed after a series of lay-offs at my job, one of which affected someone very close to me.   I am grateful that I have a house to live in with...
Congratulations on the birth of your little one!!  Sounds like you had a wonderful birth experience!
I am loving all the great conversation happening here!   I think Cynthia has a great idea in making tribes for provinces, as requested/needed.  I, for one, would love to see an Ontario tribe!
I don't know anything about HSG, Stevi, but I say if it has a chance of working you should go for it!
  Thanks for the advice Stevi, I hope you catch that egg soon!!
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