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Day 3 of spotting over here, and it finally looks like it's coming to an end.  For a bit there it started to get pretty red and a bit heavier, and I really started to fear that it was my period coming super early.  I'm glad it's slowing down, and I'm really starting to believe that I'll get a BFP this weekend.   On other news, I learned late last night that my grandma was admitted to the hospital and they think she had a heart attack.  She is 90 years old and has...
Hi,   Is it possible to break the Canada tribe down by province/territory (similar to how the US is broken down)?  We're a pretty big country to all be under one tribe, and the healthcare from province to province is very different. (i.e.midwives are not covered by provincial health care in some provinces, but is in others).   Just wondering!
Hi Dot!   I'm from Ontario, so I can't speak to the healthcare in BC, but I did find some links that may help.  I work in a hospital in Ontario, and I know from experience that a lot of information can be gleaned by calling a practice office (such as the office of an ENT or otolaryngology clinic at a local hospital) to ask them if they perform the procedure you're asking about - even if they don't, they should have an idea of an ENT in the area that does.   Your...
From my first pregnancy I saw an OB, and I'll give you the details below.  I plan on seeing a midwife this time around (whenever I actually get pregnant), and I hope the experience is very different!   -Commuting time 0 - I worked in the same building and would just walk up the stairs -Wait time before appointment - I once waited as long as 2 hours (!!!), but typically 45 minutes to 1 hour -Time with assistants/nurses/etc. - 2/3 minutes (B/P, weight, checking...
She's definitely not aggressive - the times she does bite it's in a playful way, like "hey, come play with me!".   When I say she owns the couch its because I can tell her down and move her off the couch, but she just jumps back on. Over and over and over. It's kind of funny, actually.    Thanks for the good suggestions.  I'm going to get her a mat to lie on.... I think it will help with at dinner time too so she's not constantly circling the table looking for...
Quinalla, yay!!!!!  When do you think you'll test?  Fingers and toes crossed that you get your BFP!!
  This sounds a lot like me right now!  Welcome and good luck, anyalily!  I hope your stay with us is nice and short
Thank you!!
So, I know in the states there are different kinds of midwives, direct entry, CNM, CPM, and maybe some others. How does it work in Canada? Is there just one level? I know they fall under the Canadian Association of Midwives. What credentials should I look for? TIA!
I posted this http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1360561/puppy-troubles-any-suggestions In talk amongst yourselves, but after I noticed there's a pet category -can you move it to Pets? Thanks!!
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