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Thanks everyone for the responses!  We ended up not bringing him because tickets were a whopping $60 each, and my dad offered to have a sleepover with him, which worked out great!  Gave DH and I some alone time too, which is always good.    I did see some kids that looked to be about 8 or 9 there, so maybe I'll wait just a few more years before starting him at concerts.
Thanks Judi, that book is a great suggestion. 
First some background.. FIL is EXTREMELY religious.. with prejudice.  When DH and I first found out we were pregnant we was VERY upset because we weren't yet married.  We agreed to get married before DS was born (we were already engaged.. just didn't plan on getting married until the following year).  Once we agreed to get married and started making plans, FIL started calling and demanding/guilt tripping us to get married in his church.. go through his church mandated...
  This is unfortunately VERY true. 
Thanks for the new thread, Mayday!   Congrats on the BFP, SandyLoam!!  Sending sticky thoughts your way!   Sleeping Beauty, DS and I have been watching the Olympics non-stop all weekend!  He's really in to it and keeps asking to see the torch! lol   Good luck to everyone testing this week!!   AFM, I had some good ewcm yesterday which is very early in my cycle for me.. I haven't had ANY ewcm the last few cycles coming off BCP, so I am hopeful that maybe...
  GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Fingers crossed for you, greenmama!!   Welcome, maminthemaking!  I hope your stay here is short!   Tenk, I hope everything is ok...best of luck to you in whatever path your life takes.   Nothing new here.. heading to an outdoor rock fest tonight with DH.. and DS is going for a sleepover with his grandpa!  Whoohoo!!!!!
Thanks for the responses babycakes and marinewife! I certainly won't be offended if you're happy with your group as is...I certainly don't want to intrude!! I'll tell you a little bit about myself, and if you're happy to have me I'll stick around, and if not that's ok! DH and I are 29 and 28 respectively, and have been together for 11 going on 12 years (we will be married 6 years in September). We became pregnant quite accidentally (I now realize what a blessing that...
Hi everyone!   Can I join this thread? (not sure if I need to meet certain criteria).   DS is 5 and a half (born January 2007), and we are a rocking family!  (see my post in the Childhood Years Thread about whether to bring a 5 year old to a outdoor rock festival).   DH and I are 29 and 28, respectively, and have been trying to make baby #2 for 4 months now.  Hoping to share a thread with some like-minded mamas!
DH and I are both rock fans, and DS is too.  We frequently listen to Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, and DS' favourite, the Rolling Stones.   For us it's really important for DS to be exposed to the  music we grew up listening to - music of substance and meaning. 
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